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You are looking more for a second opinion and someone who could undertake the transactions for you, so an execution-only basis wouldn't necessarily work given that you would be looking for advice as well.

Kim and Kroy seem to have no concern about possibly frittering away their money even though the football player is currently without a paycheck after being cut loose from the Buffalo Bills in August.'Hours of this! With them on the casino jaunt are daughter Brielle, 19, and the family cook Tracy Bloom.'Initially, gambling with the Biermanns I thought might be a little intimidating, just given our salary differences,' Tracy said.

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I realise everything is done on the internet these days, so is it worth even trying to find a firm that offers this kind of personal service, and if I do will it be exorbitantly expensive compared to an online account, or an execution-only broker We asked bosses at stockbroking firm Killik & Co, DIY investment supermarket The Share Centre, and financial adviser Philippa Gee Wealth Management to explain what type of services are available nowadays.

If you just want tips, information and some guidance, in addition to being able to deal over the telephone and talk to someone about your investments then some execution only brokers may be able to help and at a reasonable cost.

On a note of caution - beware of brokers whose advice and services may appear reasonable but whose models actively encourage you to move your investments into their own house funds for which they charge not only their modest advice and custody charges but also keep the management fee for those funds.

The challenge is to seek out brokers, typically execution only, who rate highly for their customer service (you can gauge this through sites like Trust Pilot), who do not charge a premium for telephone dealing, and who have regulatory permission to provide advice so that they can at least talk to you about specific stocks and investments.

I can appreciate you looking for this type of service, however it is harder to obtain these days where the pressure on charges can impact on a company’s service levels. There are certainly a wide range of stockbrokers to choose from, with a variety of service levels and charges, however the type of stockbroker that you are searching for is (in my experience) still in existence, so you just need to look more locally and perhaps at smaller companies if you are finding the search hard.

If you want to actively choose and manage your investments yourself there are still advisory stockbroking services available from whom, like your dad, you can receive professional advice on how you might best balance your portfolio and insights about how to make the most of current market conditions.

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Increasingly we are finding that opting for a fully-managed account, which a manager runs on your behalf, is growing in popularity for those who do not have the time or the appetite to manage a diverse portfolio of investments and are happy to rely on an experienced professional.