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In 2012, Norwegian research outfit SINTEF determined that 90 percent of the world’s data had been generated over the previous two years.This tidal wave of information is poised to submerge existing means of analysis.Heather paid for the meal and accepted a second date, on him.After four years together, Michael proposed on the beach in St. Dave Norris, the former Mayor of Charlottesville, officiated at the ceremony at Keswick Hall in Charlottesville, Virginia.Michael works at Bridgeport Hospital as an attending physician in critical care medicine. The discovery of the Higgs boson resolved a fundamental conundrum in particle physics: How do elementary particles obtain their mass?To quote Stephen Hawking after the announcement: “Physics would be far more interesting if it had not been found.” We may never reach the core of the Earth or the outer extremities of our universe, but a Grand Unified Theory is not outside the realm of possibility.

The bride, daughter of Joan and John Traynham of West Virginia, graduated from Walsingham Academy and Virginia Commonwealth University. The groom, son of Michelle and Michael Buscher of New Canaan, graduated from New Canaan High School, Williams College and Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

“In the next few decades, we will be able to predict huge areas of the future with far greater accuracy than ever before in human history, including events long thought to be beyond the realm of human inference,” Patrick Tucker writes in his book .

The announcement culminated a near fifty-year pursuit of the fabled particle, and rescued the Standard Model from the catacombs of theory.

However, some scientists were left with a curious sense of anticlimax.

Heather was a registered nurse at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center when she helped Michael navigate his internship there.

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He tried to repay her with a dinner date, but when the bill came, he realized he had forgotten his wallet.

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