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70% of their children have no GCSE; they left school before they finished their basic education. According to the German state benefit system, every adult citizen who possesses the German nationality, unemployed and cannot find an appropriate job, is entitled to get monthly 482 € (7).

Additionally, parents get for each child under 18 years old, 200 € (1), plus all their monthly expenditures in terms of rent, heating, power, health insurance, and public transport.

Professor Cohen subscribes to what Hartmut says about Turkish migration, "In the USA, for instance, migrants usually integrate in the American society, latest when the second generation is there.

My survey indicate that the majority of Turks insist on keeping their Turkish identity and their cultural heritage.

"Amazingly enough some Turks who live on the generous state benefits can afford to buy a house or an apartment and drive luxurious cars like Mercedes or BMW." Says Klaus, a landlord whose tenants are a case in point.

Kamal (46 years old) and his wife Shadia (42 years old) have ten children under 18 and live on Hartz IV (the German social benefit system). In addition, all their spending on rent, health care, transport, heating, etc. Kamal never worked or had a regular job, never finished school, and never learned a profession.

They feel at home in the Turkish culture." Very few Turks in Germany have a regular job; about 20%. But they prefer to live on state benefits and lead an easy life. Further, the German social benefit system doesn't encourage them or force them to accept any job." Says Hartmut.

The other 80% live on the so-called Hartz IV (state social benefits). Hartmut also said, "Some of those who live on state benefits have very often a part-time job of which neither the Job Center nor the Finance Office are aware of.

This is the statement with which Peter Cohen, an American visiting professor at Munich University, concludes his recent study in Germany. The majority of them speak broken German, especially the elderly. They happen to be in Germany as the elderly generation in the 1960s had been recruited to work in the car and coal industries.

Now he claims that he is "ill." Klaus, the landlord of Kamal says, "The man is fit." He even confessed to Klaus that he lies when he says he is ill.

"He told me once, 'Why should I work if I can live well without/'" Klaus quotes Kamal.

Three million Turks live already in Germany already, while 2.5 million of them have German nationality, and the majority of them are conservative Muslims. "They don't want to integrate in the German society," says Hartmut, who doesn't want to be identified for fear of reprisals by violent Turks. Now, culturally the majority of Turks, even the young, here in Germany feel very Turkish.

" Adds Hartmut, who is a social scientist at a German university.

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