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If it got a bit bad around the front then maybe I got a bit upset but in regards to how I felt about myself, it didn’t affect my confidence, it didn’t affect me in any way – relationships, nothing. It’s interesting, my friends here [in Australia], no one cares because I’ve always had it. Before that I had hair – a full head of hair – no issue, maybe just a patch the size of a 50 cent coin here or there.

So, I struggled with it the very first year when I shaved my head, and I watched the first season of Too Ugly For Love?

Chloe (29) is an Esthetician who has been living with alopecia areata (an autoimmune disorder which causes hair loss), for 15 years.

After moving from Australia to the United Kingdom, Chloe found that her condition was getting progressively worse.

I’d decided that I wanted to go back to studying so nothing to do with romance I’m afraid! So I got to see a doctor quickly and then did some testing with dermatologists in Brisbane.

I was getting a bit tired of long winters and missing my family and I decided I wanted to go back to uni and change my career. To be perfectly honest, it never really got to me, it never upset me, because… I never lost all of my hair; I had good treatment, so it was just I suppose an annoyance having to go to a doctor regularly to get treatment but that was it. I’m short – I just have alopecia and it was just a part of me and it was never an issue with my friends, family, relationships, it was never something that I struggled with, until I went to the UK. I watched the first season – two years ago, I shaved my hair because it got so bad – it’s only in the UK that it got so bad that I had to start shaving my hair and wearing wigs.

And then because I’ve always been quite open about Alopecia and awareness, especially on social media and Twitter, I was approached by one of the girls from the production company.

Absolutely, I almost have a full head of hair again.

Two years ago, Chloe opted to shave her head after dramatic hair loss, and now wears wigs while she undergoes treatment.

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I’d done four years in London and was ready to come back home. At the beginning it was scary because we didn’t know what it was.