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Therefore, to have written this, he must have already considered Daniel to be a historical figure.

He also believed Daniel predicted his future second coming accurately (Mt. In context, Ezekiel 14 denounces paganism and idolatry.

Moreover, in Ezekiel 28:3, we read, “You are wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that is a match for you.” This is a clear reference to Daniel 1 and 2, where the prophet Daniel is able have wisdom in interpreting Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams, when all of the false prophets were unable to do this.

Daniel was a man of integrity, and he was rescued from the lion’s jaws.

So bear in mind how in the history of the generations no one who trusts in Heaven ever lacks strength.” In context, Matthathias was writing about an event which took place in 167 BC.

While modern critics hold to this perspective, there are a number of reasons for believing in the biblical authorship of Daniel: . If Daniel wasn’t historical, then Jesus was either lying, or he was ignorant. However, Ezekiel places Daniel alongside Noah and Job (Ezek. By contrast, Daniel—the son of Aqhat—from Pagan mythology was a Baal worshipper!

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