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Don’t plan a date with a ton of time away from people.

Bonus: If the date goes badly you can always people watch!

I bought scratch-off lottery tickets for one of the first dates with your mom and I broke them out right after dinner.

Also, do a little research on cost and appropriateness.

DO NOT go to a fancy French restaurant on your first date—unless you’re held hostage by fancy-pants kidnappers.

Also, get her home at least ten minutes before her curfew.

Give her dad a firm handshake and let him know his daughter is in good hands.

If you break these rules I will greet your next date in my underwear.

You invited her on this awkward field trip and it’s your responsibility to make things un-awkward.

Don’t ask dumb questions like Ask her about the things she loves, things she hates, places she wants to visit, what makes her laugh, what moves her, etc.

You practically have to be Barbara Walters on a date like this.

Being alone on a first date for too long is not a good idea—for many reasons.

On one of our first dates your mom had to cover me for some Chimichangas and I still live with that story today.

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Avoid side-hugs, handshakes and please, for the love of everything good, do not give her a high-five.

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