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Cancel visual studio help updating

Once I click dismiss all, it comes back next time I load Visual Studio, the same notification I dismissed.

In other words how many times will it tell me I need a licence?

If this problem persists, use ' Add or Remove Programs' in control panel to repair your visual studio installation." I ran the repair tool twice and it didn't fix the issue. Thanks, but unfortunately, uninstalling VS 2013 Upd 5 had not restored my TFS server Upd 4 which had been ruined by it.

(Launching TFS repair after that did not made it work again either...

So my point is how do I stop displaying the red notification.

[edit] Actually it's prompting me every so often not just every visual studio restart...

Just installed Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and now I see this annoying red notification telling me I need a developer licence for Windows Store and Windows Phone - which I do not need.

as I think someone has mentioned in one of the comments.

(Of course, the difficult part is knowing in the first place...) You can find the update by visiting the Programs control panel category, and choosing View installed updates under the Programs and Features subcategory: Alternatively, from the Windows Update control panel, choose View update history in the task pane, then click Installed Updates in the update history page.

Either option takes you to the same list of updates; most VS2012 updates should be listed under the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 update category.

I installed VS2012 and then I updated to VS2012 Update 2, so my Visual Studio version would be 11.0.60315.01 Update 2. Once you know this, it immediately becomes obvious where to look.

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Updates to Visual Studio are implemented as Windows updates, much like Office and other Microsoft suites.

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