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So, do YOU think Yolanda is set to steal Kris' momager throne? From sexy photoshoots to captivating dating lives (Zayn Malik, The Weeknd), the girls are always giving us something to talk about. Endless Promotion If there's one thing Yolanda loves, it's Instagram.As long as the lovely ladies are hitting the red carpets, so will Yolanda. Girl can't get enough of posting selfies or #humblebrags about her three kiddos.Yolanda Foster may be battling lyme disease, but it hasn't stopped her from setting the stage for an epic 2016!Not only is Yolanda the mommy to famous models Bella and Gigi Hadid, but she has become a social media maven in addition to her role on the .So, could the blonde dethrone America's #1 momager Kris Jenner in 2016? Not only are people curious as to how the divorce will play out, we also want to know who the model will be dating next.

Yolanda, on the other hand, really plays up her background as a humble girl from Holland with big dreams.On , Yol seems like an unassuming, gentle, and girl-next-door type, the complete opposite of Kris' cutthroat image.Even though we suspect there's more to Foster than what meets the eye, her current image is more appealing and marketable than her competitors. Once you're on the, you're assumed to be down for drama, anywhere and anytime.The public has yet to be jaded by Yolanda's persona! Not only is Yolanda stirring up drama on the show, she also has a divorce in the works, and three kids primed for the headlines. Girl also isn't afraid to throw down as evidenced by her fights on the show.Let's just say Foster has become quite the headline maker these days!

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Related: Is Yolanda's 'Obsession With Fame' To Blame For Her Divorce? Yolanda's Single & Ready To Mingle While Yol's split from music exec David Foster was a downer AND a surprise, it sets her up for a few juicy storylines.

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