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Casuallydating net

As with most things, you have to do what's best you when it comes to sex.While some women (and men) loathe one-night stands and avoid them like the plague, other women (and men) totally enjoy them.Although studies are divided on the impact one-night stands and casual sex have on us, the fact is that science can’t predict how everyone will respond to casual sex.There are a ton of factors involved: where you are in life, what you're looking for, how social stigmas affect you, what makes you feel comfortable, etc.It was completely, and gorgeously, free any strings and I loved it at that point in my life. The only way you’re going to be able to truly enjoy your one-night stand is to be confident in your sexuality and expectations.At other points in my life, I didn’t feel the same, so I avoided them. Are you at that point where nothing in the world is going to feel better than having sex with a stranger? You need to fully grasp that one-night stands very rarely are pathways to relationships and should be viewed for what they are: Casual sex. With every orgasm you experience, your body reaps the benefits.

Along with the sex aspect, one-night stands give us the opportunity to learn something new.

But the problem with sex is that it involves at least one other person, and if you’re not in a relationship or casually dating anyone, what are you supposed to do?

For some people, the answer is to have a one-night stand.

For years, I preferred one-night stands to real relationships, because I could get in and out, with as little small talk as possible, and be on my way.

I didn’t have to sit through a boring date, ask questions and pretend to be interested just to be polite, or even have to text the next morning to say thanks.

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Whether it’s something we learn about ourselves or some new sex technique that never crossed our mind before, there really are lessons to be learned during a one-night stand.