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Introduction Their message: It's possible to have freedom, peace, and romance without regret. And in the meantime, you won't do anything to disrespect or hurt a person who will someday be another person's husband or wife.

They deliver this message to thousands of young people from junior high through college every year. Jason began the presentation by saying: In high school, my question was always, How far can I go with this girl? To bring this point home, Jason shared the following story.

As a young guy himself, Jason knows that marriage is often the farthest thing from teenagers' minds when they're with someone of the opposite sex.

The conversation went like this: : Okay, let's suppose that right now, some guy is trying to manipulate that girl, the one you're going to marry, to do with him what you said you'd like to do with your current girlfriend. Wouldn't it bug you just a little that right now, this guy is pressuring your future wife to do this?

Those who hear them say things like: Because we'd heard such great things about them, we invited Jason and Crystalina to speak at our parish, St. After one of his high school presentations, a guy, call him Bill, came up and said he wanted to know how far he could go with his girlfriend. Try to get the picture: This is the girl you're going to kiss on the altar on your wedding day; this is the person who will someday kiss your children goodnight when she puts them to bed.

They're thinking about this girl or this boy and the feelings they're having But, Jason said, If you keep in mind the person that you will someday meet and marry, you'll wait for them.

Jason told his audience, That's what kept me from losing my virginity. But once we began having sex, it completely destroyed any love we had.

Please wait for me.' Jason then introduced Crystalina. When Jason and I get married, I won't be able to give him the gift of my virginity.But after my high school boyfriend and I broke up, I resolved to wait for the person I would marry.Just then, another guy who was standing close enough to overhear this whole conversation blurted out in a loud voice, It would TICK ME OFF!Jason's audience erupted in laughter at this, but they got his point: You don't want your husband or wife to be sexually intimate with anyone but you.That's obviously true once you're actually married, but it's also true you're married, even before you meet your future spouse.

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You want him or her to save that special form of intimacy for you.