Credit card fraud online dating service

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Credit card fraud online dating service

“The one thing that online dating scammers have in common is that their preferred target demographic is vulnerable and trusting people with a limited social circle or support group.” According to the FBI, the most common targets are “ These scams cost the victims an estimated 5 million.

According to iovation, in 2014 just 1.37 percent of all transactions on online dating sites were fraudulent, while during the month of love this figure rose to 1.46 percent, and on Valentine’s Day the figure was 1.41 percent.

Be cautious and use common sense Be wary of any communication that sounds too good to be true, asks for personal information or asks you to act immediately.

There are certain red flags that should alert you immediately that something isn’t quite right, these include: .

“The sheer number of scammers has risen dramatically over the past few years.

With the rapid progression of technology, meeting people has never been easier.

Gone are the days when you had to rely on random meetings in a bar, blind dates or hook-ups from friends.

With the popularity of social networks like Facebook, it is easier to reconnect with people whom you have not seen for years or make new connections with strangers. The popularity of online dating is constantly on the increase and the industry generates over .2 billion in annual revenue.With social media networks having a prominent place in our lives, it is not surprising that more and more people of all age groups are opting to try online dating rather than rely on traditional methods. Between December 26 and February 14, these dating sites see on average a 25 – 30 percent increase in activity., “Millions of people use online dating sites to broaden their networks and meet potential mates, but not everyone on these sites are sincere—some are scammers hoping to lure you in with false affection, with the goal of gaining your trust, and eventually, your money.” “Scammers used to build relationships only to later repeatedly solicit funds, but now they are causing even more harm,” said O’Hearn. Fraudsters build trust until they convince individuals to send compromising photos or video, and then blackmail their victim with threats to send the media to friends and family if they don’t send money.It’s very important that online daters understand the typical scenarios that put them at risk and watch safety videos provided by the dating sites.” Protect your finances Make sure you ignore all requests to send money to a person you met on an online dating site.However, as the popularity of online dating increases so does the level of scams and fraudulent activity.

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“With the rise in online dating memberships, fraudsters have also joined in order to play the numbers game,” said Molly O’Hearn, Vice President of Operations at .

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