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Twenty years ago having these viruses and even having discussions about them was embarrassing, and now it’s the “norm”.Your chances are probably the same with any other girl that she may get some kind of inflammatory disease during her lifetime.Many people have autoimmune or other inflammatory diseases besides Crohn’s.There are silent symptom- free viruses like herpes virus, human papilloma virus and the problems that they cause.

My question is, is it realistic to expect her to stay mostly symptom free as she has been for the past year and a half?Many inflammatory conditions are on the rise now and they start younger and younger.There are many things that could happen to young patients with Crohn’s disease just like with any other person in the future.In most cases Crohn’s disease can be managed if treated.You would make a great, true life companion for your girlfriend.

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There are absolutely no set rules that would guarantee you that she will be symptom free.

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