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Dating after being dumped

Every day I am consumed with thoughts of deception, hurt and loss of hope.I read stories and self-help guides on how to move on after getting dumped and it amazes me how these people can keep writing this stuff!Are you annoyed, angry, furious with what your ex did? After a break up you suddenly feel as if you have so much more time on your hands.Moving on after getting dumped can feel impossible, especially if you didn’t really want the relationship to end.

I am living proof that for the past year I have been playing this roller coaster ride in hopes that I could reconcile things with him and get back together.

There were many times I just wanted to run over to his place shake him up until he realized that I am the one for him. Believe me, I have gone through break ups before and I never had a problem of moving on before. For some reason I have this overwhelming feeling of holding on, keeping hope.

Tell yourself that this was a chapter in your life that has now closed and you are now ready to grow and enter another chapter of your life. While their intentions are noble the turnaround will not happen in instantaneously. However, when a relationship ends, irrespective of who ended it, you lose a part of your life.

If you were dating for a short time, the sad period probably won’t last that long.

Remember that getting over being dumped is more than just moving on.

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If you can deal with the bad feelings, you’ll be better to able to experience the good feelings that come when you’ve moved on. For some reason writing about things collects your thoughts, and believe me, you will feel much better after you vent out what’s inside you.