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Since discovery of the site several excavations have been carried out.

As the modern village of Ban Chiang was built on top of the ancient settlement, excavations have been limited.

Ban Chiang is best known for the red colored ceramic pottery found there in large numbers.

The finds in the more recent graves show evidence of development in pottery production and ceramic decorative skills and also contain metal items, demonstrating the ability of early man to work with metals and the transition into bronze and iron age.

The earliest settlers were probably rice farmers, as suggested by some of the finds at the site.

Although the earliest datings suggested that settlement in Ban Chiang started during the 5 millennium BC, later datings using radiocarbon dating have shown that settlement in Ban Chiang started around 1500 BC, during the Neolithic age.

Ban Chiang is an archeological site where remains of human settlement during prehistoric times have been found.

The site is located in Udon Thani province, in the North East part of Thailand.

Thousands of items have been excavated at Ban Chiang.

Among them are skeletons, ax heads, clay rollers, bells and large numbers of pottery.

Ban Chiang is a prehistoric village and burial site inhabited probably from about 1500 BC until about 300 AD.

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The site provides evidence of transition from Neolithic age (no use of metals) into the bronze age and finally into the iron age.