Dating for rock music lovers online dating site in sweden

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Sometimes you need a ticket but otherwise just rock up, grab a chair and listen to some sweet tunes. Summer outdoor concerts are great fun and can be found in your local newspaper.Local to me I have Glaston Barry, Cadstock and Penarth in The Park.Instead of meeting your date for coffee at a café, head straight to your nearest art centre or theatre.

Taking your new amore on a music filled date will really make your date stand out.By creating an experience, you create a shared moment and this is bound to lead to a second, third and even more dates.You might think this is a strange choice for a date, but believe you me there is nothing that brings people together more than a sing-along to . Then how about heading to an upmarket bar that has a jazz trio or a chic bar with a pianist?Sit back, have a Martini and pretend you’re one of the cool cats.The streets are filled with the latest beats and tons of bars with DJ’s playing music into the wee hours.

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So don your short shorts, grab a whistle and get ready to shake your booty.

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