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Aids that are generally available for hearing impaired people include assistive listening devices, sign language interpreters, and “real-time” captioning of court proceedings.

Courts may also be able to provide a reader for visually impaired jurors.

In addition, anyone who skips jury service will be assigned a new date for future jury service.The court provides services or aids to reasonably accommodate jurors with disabilities.Potential jurors are randomly selected from lists of registered voters, holders of drivers’ licenses or ID’s issued by the Division of Motor Vehicles, New York State income tax filers, recipients of unemployment insurance or family assistance, and from volunteers.There are no automatic exemptions or excuses from jury service in New York State. You are eligible to serve as a juror in New York State if you are: 1) a United States citizen, 2) at least 18 years old, and 3) a resident of the county to which you are summoned to serve.In addition, jurors must 4) be able to understand and communicate in the English language, and 5) not have been convicted of a felony Jury duty, like paying taxes, is mandatory.

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Skipping jury duty can result in civil or criminal penalties.