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He had heard every story that came to my head, learned about my regrets and was there as I discovered the strength I needed to continue.

The first part of our friendship was all about me working through losing Steve – and on the flip side, him working through losing his wife through divorce.

I do not have an ex-husband, nor am I a single parent. At dinner I was talking about “my husband” and the lady across from me stopped me and said, “You mean your ex-husband? That’s both understandable and disheartening at the same time!

When is a good time to break the news to a date that you are a widow? If the person on the other side of the table can’t accept or handle your journey, then they probably aren’t the right one to take on the path with you.If you were set up by another friend, find out before your date what the other person knows about you. There are people you meet that make a big impact on who you are.For better or worse, your spouse (or ex-spouse if you are divorced) was one of them.Widowhood has a unique set of challenges in today’s society.Being a widow means that your marriage ended without either of you making the choice to end it. I cannot utter the word for the simple fact that I am not single – I am married and will always be married. A few weeks ago I was out on a date with my significant other and another couple. I don’t have an ex-husband.” Society assumes that people my age are divorced, not widowed.

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We were a mess alone, but together somehow we started to become whole.

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