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How to take advantage of online dating to re-enter the dating scene after years of marriage.I help many divorced clients who are planning on reentering the dating scene after years of marriage. If you've been married for a long while, the dating scene may overwhelm or frighten you.Cooking classes or groups, poetry readings, yoga, church groups, plays and sporting events all provide opportunities to connect with others who appreciate the same things you do.

If you don't have many friends, it may be helpful to begin searching for different groups you could join to meet other singles.

The loneliness and constant re-playing the tape of your partner's betrayal may trap you into feeling alone and undesirable.

Medicating with a new person is a temporary pain patch.

This feeling of need will lead to a poor choice of a partner.

This feeling of need is usually a signal that it's too soon for you to date again.

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Dating forces you to evaluate all of those qualities that may have been taken for granted or not explored.