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But then there are two Stephanie Beachams, it transpires.

Or rather there is 'Stephy', whose interest is in decorating houses and making jewellery, and there is 'Stephanie Beacham', who is sent out to work in order to keep 'Stephy' comfortable in her pink, Malibu, cliff-top house ("better for tsunamis"), her mews cottage in Bayswater ("or a pissed-in passage in Paddington") and a house in Marrakech, Morocco, that she bought during the post-9/11, anti-Muslim hysteria in order to make up her own mind about Islam. "She is the cash cow and we have to keep her going. Stephy doesn't look in a mirror."Don't make me sound schizophrenic," she adds hastily, but her arrangement seems admirably sane to me.

The hair – or rather the requirement of a stylist – had become a bit of a sticking point in the lead-up to this interview, Beacham eventually providing her own.

Stephanie Beacham was blacklisted by Hollywood for not toeing the line, and went shoulder pad to shoulder pad with Joan Collins in Dynasty.But when she is being plain Stephy, she's a partially deaf, light-hearted grandma right at home in the supermarket…Anyway, Stephy/Stephanie Beacham – for clarity's sake let's call her Beacham – has been on this side of the Atlantic for most of the summer, filming Sky1's supermarket comedy, Trollied, in which she plays a new manageress."She's not Hilary Devey [of Dragons' Den fame], but she smokes 40 cigarettes a day," says Beacham in a husky, Hilary Devey-esque Lancashire accent.But that's another story, for in the time it takes to walk to the lifts, Beacham has eyeballed me with amusement and we've made a connection.

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By the time the lift has reached the 32nd floor, she's telling me how young people "now call a blow-job a blowey" and all about her dog, Sienna, rescued from Houston gangland and "tattooed like a Russian tart".

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