Dating willemstad curacao

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Dating willemstad curacao

It seems like every day brings a new hotel or restaurant to the island, but don't be overwhelmed by the sudden range of options—this is the very best of where to eat, stay, and play in Willemstad.

The Floating Market: Curaçao's closeness to Venezuela results in more than just friendly political relations.

When most people think of the Caribbean, they think of sandy white Bahamian beaches.

But there's plenty more to do there than just catch rays, including new history-focused museums, a unique food culture, and a UNESCO-listed historic downtown.

As a result, many North Americans opted for closer cruise ship ports of call—but recently, that's started to change.

Although Curaçao was often dwarfed by Aruba and its world-famous beaches, the island is now coming into its own and is easier to access than ever.

Gouveneur de Rouville: Some of the native dishes of the Antilles are done to perfection here, including (a ball of Edam cheese stuffed with chicken and savory ingredients like olives).

Look for citrus fruits, avocados, honey, bananas, tuna, and mahi-mahi (usually called "dorado").

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Don't be surprised if you see a chef from your hotel here checking out the catch of the day to bring back to the kitchen.