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“One of the main reasons why I started doing these lectures was because of a mother of three who contacted me and said we need to start talking to our young men.” According to Banner, who released a mixtape “Before the Box,” earlier this year as a sample for fans as to what to expect in August, the 16 track album, “The God Box,” features music productions from artists such as Ninth Wonder and Street Symphony, and is meant to invoke introspection, as listeners analyze today’s society.

“[All Hip Hop] said ‘Before the Box’ was one of the best mixtapes ever and I think that’s because I took a lot of the commentary from mixed interviews and I chopped it all up and I sort of merged that with the music, so it was more than just a mixtape,” Banner said.

Grammy Award winning rapper and social activist, David Banner is preparing for his long-awaited eighth album, “The God Box,” with a national “The God Box: Lecture Series” tour and album preview.

“Hip-hop hasn’t changed, I think the environment has and hip-hop is just a reflection of that,” Banner told the .In a lot of ways, I find that these lectures are more important than the music, because when you can connect with people on a spiritual and social level, that’s what makes them remember you forever.” Though Banner’s current lectures started earlier this year, he is no stranger to political public speaking, making a 2007, appearance in front of Congress, testifying at a hearing about the racism and misogyny often found in hip-hop lyrics.During his testimony, he said that there were some problems in hip-hop, but that they only reflected what was taking place in society noting that, “Hip-hop is sick because America is sick.” “The meaning of “The God Box” is sort of like a secret. It’s something that people are going to have to come to on their own. Everyone will get something different out of the album and I’ll let the listener decide what that is,” Banner said.

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