Deployment package sccm updating distribution point

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Localized Display Name echo "Application : $name" $dptypes = Get-CMDeployment Type -Application Name "$name" foreach ($dpt in $dptypes){ $dptname = $dpt.

I was wondering what the proper procedure is for updating the DP's when the content of an application changes.

I have tried redistributing to the distribution points and deleting old revisions but to no avail. I've never used the redistribute option as I never saw the point, now I'm curious and this blog post confirmed my theory that it's more for repair and not updating a package.

There is an option on the package to disconnect users so that sccm can update the package. It copies the package from a third location (not package source like updating the Distribution point) to the DP, which is not what we want to do.To update the DP, highlight your package and click the highlighted button in my screenshot.Executing the VBS script to clean up previous version of office before continuing install is giving me a headache!!Potentially a step by step for executing a batch file or VB script would help me if anyone knows the best way to accomplish this.Then my idea was to run the program first before the office install.

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User would only need to select 1 package from software library and job will be done, sounds simple.

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