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In the case of the Palestinian Authority (PA) elections held in January 2005, the standards were higher.

These were advertised as an example of democracy and, compared to other Arab states, the voting was a considerable advancement toward free elections.

Still, the election could hardly be called competitive as the outcome was never in doubt.

Seven candidates ran for president, but the only question was the size of Mahmoud Abbas’ margin of victory. His nearest challenger was Mustafa Barghouti with 19.8 percent.

The election had a much lower turnout than expected (62 percent), and supporters of the Islamic terrorist organizations largely boycotted the vote, as did Arabs living in east Jerusalem.

Thus, Abbas was conservatively estimated by al-Jazeera to have received the support of only about one-third of the eligible voters.

The dictators are always reelected with nearly 100 percent of the vote.

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In those nations, no one seriously claims the elections are democratic.

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