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If not its fairly straight forward to find somewhere in your area to be tested (ask your GP if unsure and would rather do this part Obviously our members can only be 100% sure the sperm is HIV free when its frozen as it can take up to 6 months to show up. The site offers free info about inseminating at best time etc.

Many of our members talk about liking the fact that they can actually meet donors, and find out about his personality etc rather than just statistics- and donors say the same.

Sperm Donors Worldwide/ Free Sperm Donations are not a sperm bank. I simply offer an online meeting place for single women and couples to connect with the wonderful donors who have registered to donate, knowing there is a real shortage in sperm banks around the world, and that many people do not have access to these sperm banks - due to cost and other reasons.

It is very much like a dating site- but women are looking for sperm donors and often men looking to co-parent!

Within the Members Only area there is an example of a legal document you can use to state your intentions - also read the Legal Pages for more info about private sperm donations and the legal implications, and do your own research - it varies from country to country and at the moment many countries do not differentiate between donor sperm and sperm from - for example- a boyfriend.So the legal document is worth using- free to members and donors - even though there may be no legal precedent.The majority however want no contact after face to face conception until the child is 18.Most donors carry on helping women on a monthly basis until they become pregnant- which is why you will see (when youve loggd in) that some donors state 'not available at this time'- its because they will tend to limit the number of people they are helping at one time.Hundreds of private sperm donors are now registered worldwide and FSDW is apparently the top site for helping single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples become pregnant through AI using private donations- all donors donate without charge, so its also the least expensive way for our members to become pregnant through assisted pregnancy!

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FSDW listed sperm donors are willing to donate without charge, artificial insemination.