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Gand chat film

Introduction: Engineering multilayer polyelectrolyte thin films to direct cell behavior represents a significant challenge but also an excellent opportunity toward a variety of cell contacting applications.

Here we propose two new bioactive thin film biomaterials, one that contains a reservoir for biomolecules, such as growth factors, for an efficient local and controlled release, and one that is formed with biomolecules from the extracellular matrix, such as Fibronectin (Fn), in order to mimic the extracellular environment and promote cell behavior.

Materials and Methods: Thin films are formed by the Layer-by-Layer assembly of poly(L-lysine) and poly(L-glutamic acid) or Fn.

Carboxy-functionalized latex nanoparticles (25 nm) are incorporated as template.

We investigate the influence of Fn on the film construction, physicochemical and mechanical properties as well as the influence on pre-osteoblastic cells.

We report here on the loading and release of the growth factor bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2), and the influence of BMP-2 loaded films on contacting murine C2C12 myoblasts.

We observe nanotemplating to enable stable BMP-2 loading throughout the thickness of the film, and find the nanotemplated film to exhibit comparable cell adhesion, and enhanced cell differentiation, compared to a non-porous cross-linked film (where BMP-2 loading is mainly confined to the film surface).

The second strategy consist in the direct incorporation of Fn as the anionic polymer during film assembly in order to generate a thin film enriched in Fn that could mimic the extracellular environment and influence the cell behavior.

Results and Discussion: We describe here two strategies to control cell behavior.

First, a nanotemplating strategy toward porous, polyelectrolyte-based thin films capable of controlled biomolecular loading and release is presented.

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The Fn present in the films is reorganized into fibrils by contacting cells.

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