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Gerber mk 1 knife dating system

Blades with additional sharpening and clear maker's marks. M8A1 scabbard; Pilot survival knife by Ontario, dated 1-1973, with a leather sheath; Pilot survival knife by Camillus, dated 8-1979, with a leather sheath and sharpening stone; Scabbard for a military machete by B. Co., dated 1945; unmarked military knife, most likely field modified; KA-BAR U. All blades measure roughly 9-7/8'', marked ''AFH/US (FLAMING ORDNANCE BOMB)'' and ''UFH/US (FLAMING ORDNANCE BOMB)''; 14-3/8'' overall, ribbed plastic grips, bird's head pommels, with green fiberglass bodied scabbards all marked with ''(FLAMING ORDNANCE BOMB)''. Blades with clear maker's marks and one with several small nicks to cutting edge.

Other metal surfaces with dark even patination, grips with oil darkening, press studs remain tight and function properly. Lot of Four (4) European Bayonets: 1.&2.) Italian Model 1891 bayonets, 11-3/4'' blades, 16-1/4'' overall, including one early leather scabbard with a brass tip and throat and canvas frog. Exposed metal surfaces with dark patination; catch buttons remain tight and function properly. Lot of Two (2) Model 1905 Bayonets, by Springfield Armory, 15-7/8'' bright blades, both marked ''SA/(FLAMING ORDNANCE BOMB)/1906''; the reverse sides are both marked ''US''; one serial numbered ''55524'' and the other ''141608''; 20-1/2'' overall lengths, wood grips, bird's head pommels, both with early type leather covered scabbards, and both marked ''R.

18-1/2'' blade, 23-1/2'' overall, ''S''-shaped quillon with regimental markings ''73. 3.) Czech Mauser bayonet, 11-3/4'' blade marked ''CSZ/K'', 17'' overall, with metal scabbard. Condition is good with toning to bright scabbard body and carbon spotting to blade. Lot of Two (2) Japanese Arisaka Type 30 Bayonets: 1.) Mfg'd by Toyada Automatic Loom Works Ltd., 15-5/8'' dark blue blade with ''maker's mark'' on ricasso, 20-1/4'' overall, straight guard, wood handle, birds head pommel, with black painted metal scabbard. Ampt marked example with bright blade, moderate runner marks, and grip scales with light scuffs and oil darkening near screws. Lot of Two (2) Arisaka Type 30 Bayonets, mfg'd by Kokura Arsenal, 15-5/8'' blades, one bright and the other blue; 20'' overall, hooked quillons, wood grips, bird's head pommels, with metal scabbards. Lilley, 32'' etched blade, 37'' overall, with nickel-plated guard and horn grip. Condition is fine to near excellent with very light toning to exterior nickel surfaces. Condition is fair with moderate general patination and mild pitting to blade. Condition is very good with carbon spotting to blade and several nicks. Grip handle in very nice shape; wire wrap is present. Throat, chape and guard have been repainted at one point. Leather scabbard with brass tip and chape is present. Naval motifs to sides of blade are partially visible.

Est.: 0-0 Lot of Three (3) European Bayonets: 1.) Model 1871 Mauser bayonet, by Alex Coppel, Solingen. 2.) French Lebel spike bayonet, 13-3/8'' blade, 18-1/8'' overall, aluminum handle, hook quillon marked ''37474'', with metal scabbard marked ''78813''. Chape, throat and grip with cherryblossom motif; leather frog is present. Spanish Artillery Nationale Sword, 1907 Pattern, 35'' blade, 41'' overall, with checkered wood grip, full steel cuphilt handguard, with crown surmounting crossed swords and flags. Wire wrapped skate grip with simple curved crossguard. Condition is fine with light carbon spotting to blade. French Napoleonic Boarding Cutlass, by Chatellerault, dated 1813, cutlass-type blade measures 26-1/2'', and 32'' overall, with multi-piece cast handguard and hardwood grip.

Conditions range from fair to very good, showing varying degrees of age and wear. Military Edged Weapon Items, including a M7 bayonet by BOC with a U.

Brass scabbard with a mellow even toning and sharp threads. (2) Dagger, possibly Chinese, made for Japanese Forces during WWII, 10'' double-edged blade, 15'' overall, with wire wrapped leather handle and thin brass panels wrapped over grip. Lot of Two (2) French Infantry Man's Short Swords, both 1831 pattern, one with narrow fuller 19'' blade; the other with wide flat 18-5/8'' blade. Condition to both is very good with moderate carbon spotting and light pitting. WWII Japanese Civil Agency Short Sword, probably from the Naval Prison Service (or something similar), 20'' blade, 25'' overall, with 22'' double hanger loop plated iron scabbard. Model 1912 ''Patton'' Saber, marked ''SA/1914'', 36'' blade, 42-1/2'' overall.

Brass parts with mild to moderate toning and areas of light surface rust. Complete knives show signs of moderate to heavy use. Y.'', reverse marked ''USMC''; 11-3/4'' overall length, with custom made polished aluminum guard and pommel with clear plexiglass, black, and aluminum spacers. 2.) KA-BAR fighting knife, ricasso marked ''KA-BAR''. Condition is very good showing light to moderate patination from age.

2.) Mfg'd by Toyada Automatic Loom Works, Ltd., 15-5/8'' blue blade, 20'' overall, straight guard, wood grips, bird's head pommel, with metal scabbard. The unknown Kokura bayonet with very little original blue finish left on blade, moderate loss to one of the wood grips, with a small crack near one of the rivets. Lot of Two (2) WWII German 98K Bayonets, both with scabbards. Blade lengths range from 6-3/8'' to 6-3/4'', with checkered plastic grips, large muzzle rings, and all with USM8A1 scabbards. Blades show varying degrees of age and use, one with a small chip to the cutting edge. The other bayonet with moderate pitting and carbon spotting to the blade and damage to the finish on the guard.

Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. Deep Sea Diver's Knife, by Morse Equipment Co., 6-5/8'' saw-back blade, 12-3/4'' overall, brass hardware, wood handle, with solid brass scabbard marked ''MFG'D. Condition to all is very good overall, showing normal signs of age and wear. 2.) Mfg'd by an unknown private company under the supervision of the Kokura Arsenal, 15-5/8'' blued blade with ''maker's mark'' on ricasso, 20'' overall, hooked guard, birds head pommel, with blued metal scabbard. Pommel has thinned and toned to about 80% with some minor corrosion. Iron scabbard has thinned with areas of corrosion, most of which should clean. Scabbard appears to have been cleaned at one point. Conditions range from very good to fine, showing normal signs of age and wear. Blued blade with light thinning to the later-applied post-war finish. 3.) Model 1893 Spanish Mauser bayonet, 15-5/8'' blade, 20-5/8'' overall, maker's mark is partially legible but reads ''Artilleria/Nacional/Toledo'', in steel-tipped leather scabbard. 4.) German Mauser bayonet, 9-1/2'' blade marked on ricasso ''WAFFENFABRIK/MAUSER A. N.''' spine is also marked with ''(Crown)/W/17''; 14-3/4'' overall length, smooth wood grips, with metal scabbard. Blade shows signs of use, with additional scratching primarily near tip and base of blade. MK1 scabbard; MK1 by Camillus; Case XX 337-6Q fighting knife; unmarked emergency crash axe. Several are missing pieces or are field modified and should be considered as parts knives only. The USMC knife is fine overall, showing no use, stacked leather washers with marks from handling. Lot of Two (2) WWII KA-BAR Fighting Knives: 1.) Theatre modified KA-BAR USMC fighting knife, 7'' blade, ricasso marked ''KA-BAR/OLEAN, N. Blades with light with light micro-scratching most likely due to sheath wear. Lot of Two (2) WWII Era Asian Daggers: (1) Japanese Naval Dagger, 8-3/8'' blade, 12-1/2'' overall, with wire wrapped skateskin handle, decorative brass chape and throat over brown leather scabbard, with five-leaf cherry blossom decoration to pommel, chape, and throat. Model 1840 Enlistedman's Musician's Swords, one marked U. 1863 by Emerson & Silver; the other by Christopher Roby.

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