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Ugly Wanda on the dating game, and Ugly Wanda on the blind date. I had totally forgotten about that skit, and it was great to see again. Vera De Milo doing the steroids ad, "Live fast, die young and pretty." I chuckle thinking about it. Tommy Davidson plays Micheal Jackson and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is playing the Macauly Culkin role. Should we then demand Amazon state on the product listing that the series has been edited...? Some sketches may have been omitted due to lack of evidence.

The show also opens with a new opening sequence and a new song by Heavy D. Watching Jamie Foxx wear that blond wig, and him do his lips in that funny way is so hilarious. It has to do with an inceasingly prevalent technique of editing out portions of the show in question, due primarily, to music rights.There are some great skits I've had fun seeing again, but Season 3 DVD release of In living Color has a LOT of skits missing, and I'm very disappointed how the number of skits missing seem to increase. The interaction between Foxx and Tommy Davidson made for much laughter. Nowhere on the DVD box does Fox say that the shows are edited.Jennifer Lopez joined the fly girls, and DJ Twist is the new DJ to replace Shawn Wayans. There are some great skits that made me want to keep rewinding the DVD and watching them over and over again. When Jamie joins the cast of In Living Color he does a couple of skits as Ugly Wanda and he is hilarious!!! Each and every skit is part of the history of this ground breaking show.Damon leaves the show at the end of the third season to pursue other opportunities. Ugly Wanda on the dating game, and Ugly Wanda on the blind date. This review has nothing to do with the show, per se.For everyone wondering if Ugly Wanda is in the season 3 set, the answer is YES. There are a few episodes where the show introduction is starting, but you hear applause. Some of the missing skits: Crown Heights story Prison Cable Network Lizzy's The Jackson Bunch Paula Abdul skits David Duke skit Darnel Bond skit Connie Chung - Me want Maury (I remember this skit, and it was hilarious)Rice Cube Career Aid One Night Stand Anton Gets Rich Rescue Whenever Michael Bolton Chrystal Waters LL Cool JVanilla Ice(from season 2)The musical parodies are very funny, and having them missing on the DVD set is very much a disappointment. I have eagerly awaited each seasons release and feel cheated that skits and music parodies are missing.

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