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Infragistics webdatagrid rowupdating

Please note these property names are same as the ones in the ASPX file.In the View Model class Carton View Model Guid property is used as the object identifier in the collection. NET Session) For the new rows we set the Carton Info Id to –1, because this is an identity column in the database.

This grid has one drop down editor and others fields are text box editors. The grid control has 6 CRUD events associated with it.When we update the objects which are stored in the database already we can’t change the Carton Info Id that’s the reason why we use a separate Id property for the View Models.You should get this release because earlier releases do not support Internet Explorer 11 with a client side experience. If you have any other version, please go here for directions: Internet Explorer 11 requires upgrade or hotfix to work This release is based on the release of Fire Fox v17.That browser changed its User Agent string in a way that prevents DES from recognizing the browser.They’re Row Adding, Row Added, Row Updating, Row Updated, Row Deleting and Row Deleted.

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This is the View Model class used for data binding.