Internet dating poems

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Below is the poem entitled Internet Dating which was written by poet David Jenkins. However, please remember, Poetry Soup is a place of encouragement and growth.-A regular delete I scour through photos Ewwww ugly, ooooh he’s nice or phwooooar!Some of singledom woes Others you want to know more It can become an addiction Everyday checking mail and hoping Who are fact and who are fiction Will I end today again still moping? My perfect date is Lying with you, Under the stars. I’m easy to impress, Not like the other girls Who dream of fancy things. you invite someone for dinner light the candles practise in the mirror silent ballads you talk about fashions and the dangers of sandals look at photo albums the holidays at canyons discuss the horrors of famines the destruction of green habitations the possibilities of ghostly phantoms then serve the salads not realising that the shackles and the oncoming agitations which are the love anthems which always baffles cancels any captions creates many chasms with the various damsels with their finger nail enamels as she rambles about previous male rascals who made her life a shambles so now she tackles with her long talons the unjust tangles with her hair of tassels she really gets the hackles to the various reactions when she denies loving advances because you are not a vegan. YOU MAY WANT TO TRY WORD PROCESSING YOUR POEM FIRST TO GET THE ERRORS! masses of people look for internet matches what passes for love becomes a look your taxes what are the chances that looking for love becomes ashes you meet up and go to dances stressed out wearing nicotine patches then someone else catches your eye. Geniuses always receive the most criticism, so don't be discouraged.

Poetry Soup is a great resource for examples of dating poems or a list of dating poetry. There is also a link below to the definition of dating and a page where you can discuss these types of poems.

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I pick and choose When dating online Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose Whilst I think, who could be mine Searching hundreds of profiles Hoping for that one Wondering whose contain lies And who just wants fun I receive a new mail Delightedly I wonder Will they blow the wind out of my sail Even rock my thunder?

Damn, it’s a message from admin As I sink back into my seat Blah, blah, yes, you’re straight to the bin!

Not every man who walks the earth wastes his breath and your time,with cro-magnon scribbles from a mind so bare,that it comes as a surprise they managed even to write one line,much less something so cerebral as this: "Yo, prety gurl.

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Surely not even Shakespeare or Keats could craft words so divine!

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