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Interviews with dating gurus rapidshare

Phil and Cally came up with most of the band names, I believe.burlesque implies mockery especially through giving a serious or lofty subject a frivolous treatment (a nightclub burlesque of a trial in court). With two weeks time on their hands Andy asked Leckie if he fancied “making a psychedelic record?parody applies especially to treatment of a trivial or ludicrous subject in the exactly imitated style of a well-known author or work (a witty parody of a popular novel). For our purposes Year One is 1984, when an album made to look like a 60s Exploito Soundtrack, (a whole ‘nother kettle o’ fish! Featuring a headless shot of several gals & guys groovin’, Naz Nomad & the Nightmares’ to a brand of music from the classic First Era of Psychedelia & Garage. Fast forward a mere few months to April Fool’s Day, 1985, and an EP with a mind-blowing cover appears called by The Dukes of Stratosphear, complete with magnificent names: Sir John Johns, the Red Curtain, E. ” As Andy is quoted as saying, in a recent to the bands and music that had first attracted them to learn how to make music of their own.(My e-mail folders attest to this obsession.) Through various and sundry leads and trails, dead ends and cul-de-sacs, I was lead to Nick Haeffner.Strewn among all these now-familiar-to-me “fake” band names Nick is shown rather prominently on several of the band pic’s on the back sleeve of this volume.Here’s my communication with Nick:valis: I write in hopes you might consider taking a moment's time to solve somequestions I have regarding a Bam Caruso release you appeared on, dating from 1986: "The House of Lords". 9", until a subsequent #9 usurped the name/volume.) I know you play guitar on: "Colliding Minds", "I'm not your stepping stone", "Workshop of my mind" (by The Black Atlas), "Living Colours", "The Last Mile" and on the Beatles cover "Dear Prudence".(The guitar work on "Colliding Minds" and my personal favorite track-"Workshop Of Your Mind" is brilliant! Was this a play off of the XTC lark of the Dukes of Stratosphear..? Nick: Glad to hear that you have enjoyed the House of Lords album.

- 1 : exaggeration by means of often ludicrous distortion of parts or characteristics 2 : a representation especially in literature or art that has the qualities of caricature 3 : a distortion so gross as to seem like caricature(synonyms caricature, burlesque, parody, travesty mean a comic or grotesque imitation. Their story has been told by far better writers than I but a few basic nuggets of trivia: Andy Partridge of XTC had been hired to produce an album by Mary Margaret O’Hara, and had called John Leckie to engineer the project.caricature implies ludicrous exaggeration of the characteristic features of a subject (caricatures of politicians in cartoons). After a suggestion by Andy that they actually rehearse he was fired, as was Leckie for being too close to the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. As promised to Joe Ross, of the Green Pajamas, back on June 5th, we’re prepared to answer his (fantastic) “Turn The Table” question, to wit:10. Such as, Spinal Tap's "Listen To The Flower People" or the above mentioned Dukes Of Stratosphere?Turn the tables, if you'd like, and ask me a question. Even "Satanic Majesty's Request" was kind of tongue in cheek in its day but it’s still one of my faves. Here we go, sailing on a “Voyage Du Homage”…Before we begin I think it sufficiently important to stabilize our footing as regards our subject by grounding all concerned with a few definitions:1.) What has me baffled is the intentions and origin of this release. The artists on the album were also part of the larger B C family, e.g., Paul Roland, etc. It was a whileago now so I'll see what I can remember!

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As I recall, the album was the brainchild of Phil Smee and Cally (Martin)Calloman, former drummer in my old band, The Tea Set and one-time Bam Carusomainstay).

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