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Domestication is gradual process, i.e., there is no precise moment in the history of a given species when it can be considered to have become fully domesticated. There are also species that are extensively used or kept as pets by humans, but are not significantly altered from wild-type animals.

Examples of intimidating animals are elephants, rhinos, lions, tigers, bears, snakes and sharks.Most will not attack humans without provocation, as when defending their territory or their one that deters attack or approach by its size, appearance, or demeanor.Whether they are sidekicks or stars, Disney animals regularly steal the show.In order to be considered fully domesticated, most species have undergone significant genetic, behavioural and/or morphological changes from their wild ancestors; while others have been changed very little from their wild ancestors despite hundreds or thousands of years of potential selective breeding.

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A number of factors determine how quickly any changes may occur in a species, however, there isn't always a desire to improve a species from its wild form. caucasia) Due to the somewhat unclear outlines of what, precisely, constitutes domestication, there are some species that may or may not be fully domesticated.