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That is what my blue nose Pitt is called because he was born big and takes after his name..

You are spot on with your comment about ignorant breeders - sadly, they are still doing this and it probably will never stop.

Hopefully one day non owners, and the ignorant people who know absolutely nothing about the breed but continue to bad mouth it, will realize that it's not the dog it is the person raising him/her.

Beautiful 7 yr old rescued, 110 lb, 100% purebred pit bull.

Strong, friendly, protective yet lives to cuddle with those he knows. As for the name, he's wise beyond his years and the only thing I can say is it just fits him!

It was so deep that his hair has a permanent incision. My yorkies are showing him plenty of love but when he came yesterday he ate every bit of food in the dispenser.

They just sat back and watched him but he is shaking back very quickly. NOTE: if you aren't going to raise them right and take care of them and show them love then don't get them and don't breed either ! I like it much more than a lot of the typical male bully names.

its a shame these wonderful dogs fall into the wrong hands I like the name Capone as well.

I actually have a rescued bully pup it is awful what people these days are doing to these has a cut around his body like he was tied with barbed wire.

aggressive name by reputation, aggressive breed by reputation thanks to all the lame f%*k heads out there who breeds these dogs to be fighters.

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Capone might have a fierce name to go with his appearance, but hes the nicest family dog anyone could ask for.

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