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Italian and french dating sites latest

The League was established on 31 March after negotiations by Venice, Milan, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire.Later on the League consisted of the Holy Roman Empire, the Duchy of Milan, Spain, the Papal States, the Republic of Florence, the Duchy of Mantua and the Republic of Venice.This coalition, effectively, cut Charles' army off from returning to France.

Originally arising from dynastic disputes over the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples, the wars rapidly became a general struggle for power and territory among their various participants, and were marked with an increasing number of alliances, counter-alliances, and betrayals.Charles VIII made triumphant entries into Pisa on November 8, 1494, Florence on November 17, 1494, Upon reaching the city of Monte San Giovanni in the Kingdom of Naples, Charles VIII sent envoys to the town and the castle located there to seek a surrender of the Neapolitan garrison.The garrison killed and mutilated the envoys and sent the bodies back to the French lines.However, in the small town of Fornovo he met the League army.This enraged the French army so that they reduced the castle in the town with blistering artillery fire on February 9, 1495 and stormed the fort, killing everyone inside. News of the French Army's sack of Naples provoked a reaction among the city-states of Northern Italy and the League of Venice was formed on March 31, 1495.

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The League was specifically formed to resist French aggression.

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