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Sage the Gemini desperately wants that old thing back and he’s not afraid to let all of us know just how much.

The rapper just took to Instagram to confirm that his relationship with Jordin Sparks has ended, leaving him heartbroken.

You the only girl that can wake up out of a dead sleep and get me some water because I was coughing in my sleep the only girl that loves me the way you were supposed to,” Sage penned in an IG caption.

The singer stopped by our office following her split with Jason Derulo and made it clear makeup to breakup is not a game she plays.Can't sit here and act industry Iike this shit don't hurt me.You the only girl I can call at 3 in the morning and you'll answer no problem.But yea this shit is crazy i just wanna tell you I'm still being a good boy just incase you come to your senses.Sage and Jordin began dating last year before calling it quits recently, prompting Sparks to remove all photographs of Sage off her social media accounts.

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As for the Clive Davis party Sage mentioned in his caption, Sparks looked picture perfect on Sunday night, almost good enough to make an ex get on social media and beg for a second chance.

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