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Kiss with love dating ru

Last summer I went to Egypt; this was my first visit abroad. I would really be happy to meet you some day if we like each other. First of all, I want to say I am really interested in you and I don't want to loose you; I'd be happy to talk to you on the phone or give you my home e-mail but unfortunately I can't do it as I write you through the agency and don't know your address. Thank you very much Darling for the chance you give to me, chance to love and be loved and for the hope you put into my heart. But now when you, David, appeared in my life I believe that everything will change and I will never hear the answer from my Angel and we'll be the happiest family in the world. It's very hard for me as I can't be always with my Child as I have to work much. It's very inconvenient to ask you of it but I do not have other choice.

I was very impressed by the Red Sea; it is so beautiful, especially during sunset! I think looking in one's eyes, hearing a voice sometimes tells more than a lot of words. Well, getting phone number or e-mail address is not free there I guess. I read a little bit more about you with a great interest. As the Love of these small Angels is so real and doesn't demand anything . I'll be very grateful to you can help me with paying our correspondence.

I've been working here as a tour-manager for about 3 years. I'm grateful to them without limit that they took me to them and let to be the part of their world. And I know that Nikita will lack man's father's attention with time.

I like my job; it's interesting to communicate with new people, to learn many things but sometimes I feel a little tired after the working day. Thanks for the photos; I like them very much especially the one you are doing something with your patient on; it looks a little bit frightening (smile). Darling , I'll tell you a little bit about my city. And if honestly I'm afraid very much of the time when hi would ask me why hi doesn't have father and I would have nothing to say. I want to continue our correspondence as I see much in common.

Please add Olga Toropova and Marina Urakova to your scammer list. I am happy you ask many questions; that means you are really interested in me.

Both are from Yoshkar-Ola and both have the same photos of Marina Urakova from Kstovo, Russia. She works at a tourist agency called "Puma" supposedly.See report on Marina at: ttp:// R/M/#2 Olga Toropova is 22 years old and her address is Olga Toropova, Street Petrova 4-138, Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-el, 424038, Russia. E-mail address is [email protected] has a profile posted at Matchdoctor as Olga103 . All three of these ladies all have the exact same photos and are one in the same. ( Scam Hunter )Dear Thanks a lot for your nice letter and photos; I like them very much.The tourist agency I work for is called Puma (like a wild animal); it's quite big for our town. We with my angel especially like to go to the river. When it's warm outside we can stay for a long time and admire how it's waves clamor. In winter when it's frozen a lot of children go there to skate.Our agency is a tour agent; we work with big tour operators from Moscow. In summer when the water in it is warm a lot of people come to swim and get brown or just have good rest. But sometimes I feel very sad that during our walking with him alone I see a lot of parents play with their children.I studied it for 3 years in the University; unfortunately I lack practice of speaking English now but I do hope our communicating will help me in future. I also enjoy music, both Classical and Rock and Roll but I don't like Rap at all either. , please, tell more about yourself; I am very interested in you. I'd also be very pleased to hear your voice; I am sure it is as nice as you look on photos. I have many cousins, aunts and uncles; some of them live in the Ukraine and in Germany. I like my job very much and each day come to work with pleasure. I wait for your letters impatiently With Love to you Tanya PS Nikita kisses you too I am a 33 year old single male with no family.

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Michael, you know when I read your letter I caught my mind on the fact that we really have many things in common, the same attitude to many things. As well as you I like to do sports to keep fit, especially dance or step aerobics, shaping, and fitness at all. By the way, I wouldn't ever think you are 43; you look much younger, about middle thirties; perhaps it's because you are very sporty. I've also got a small, very beautiful green-eyed kitten who I enjoy spending time with. I have been on a few single sites and I was contacted shortly after registering with

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