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Registered Members and Unregistered Guests: The chat room is available for use by anyone who self-identifies as transgendered.

This includes but is not limited to crossdressers, male to female transsexuals, female to male transsexuals, intersexed individuals, drag queens, transvestites, gender queers and even those who refer to themselves as shemales.

A common problem involves use of the term “shemale.” Some people in the transgender community consider themselves to be shemales.

Usernames: We do not have any rules prohibiting chat users from logging in under, or even registering multiple chat usernames.

Members may use any reasonable username they desire as long as it is not demeaning to others.

The chat room is also available for family members, transgender community friends, researchers and admirers.

All registered members and unregistered guests must abide by our rules.

Some are from transgender dating sites and some are from more adult oriented sites.

This page has been developed to assist moderators in understanding chat room rules and enforcement policies.

By accepting the voluntary position as a chat moderator you agree to abide by these policies.

There are many other sites feeding into the TV/TS/TG & Friends Chat Network.

Some of these sites are from transgender support sites.

You may submit any questions, suggestions or comments.

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Vision Statement: We have designed this chat room to be a place where transgendered people, community friends and admirers can come together to benefit from socializing in a moderated, but nonjudgmental chat room.