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Evan Rachel Wood has been a star in the making since "Thirteen" and really brings a new dimension not just to her career, but also the film. When her parents (Patricia Clarkson and Ed Begley, Jr.) arrive, we gain some insight into Allen's thought process ... He really has an innate ability to exaggerate life subtleties and slap us upside the head in his films.I believe his message is that the big picture of life is overwhelming and disheartening, but as individuals, we can each find happiness.The only problem, his character here, Boris Yellnikoff, is just a very bitter, abusive, negative force ... Allen has always been obsessed with three topics even some of the best comedic moments are a bit tainted by the mean spiritedness. dying, sex and intellect, and all three are on prominent display here.It's the professionals who've made it into corporate business. [...] See more » Greetings again from the darkness. especially since Woody has been away from NYC for awhile.

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Larry David is cast in the "Woody Allen" role and does his best to bring his Curb Your Enthusiasm delivery.

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  1. At night, I come home and I feel like a teenager again, with a blissful smile on my face. I’ve met different people, but that didn’t really lead anywhere at the beginning.

  2. His book describes a childhood of willing, cheerful aloneness, an awful lot of telly and few friends; there was his mum, Rhoda (a member of the local Mother's Union), his dad, Billy (a Guinness salesman, who died in 2001), his elder sister, Pauline (now married with children, still living in Ireland), and a succession of pet dogs, but not much in the way of other company. When it was appropriate, I could hardly look after myself." Would he have been a good father? " Would he have opted for surrogacy, an arrangement with a female friend, adoption? Now you can be in a relationship, you can get married, and you can have kids." I point out that he could afford it, however, and although he may feel he's too old, this is still doable. It's an animal." Norton's chat show pulls in an average of four-and-a-bit million viewers every week. His face is wide and open and engaging, but part of his wide-reaching appeal as a broadcaster hinges on his being nice to look at, rather than intoxicatingly handsome.