Liquidating damages on form hud 2442

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Liquidating damages on form hud 2442

The credit card companies did not produce evidence of their actual costs to the OFT, instead insisting their charges are in line with clear policy and information provided to customers.In Australia, the definition of liquidated damages applies to the situations where upon the failure of a primary stipulation, imposes a detriment to the first party or a benefit to the second party by a secondary stipulation collateral to the primary stipulation (i.e. UK bank and credit card customers were being charged as much as £39 for a single transaction that took them over their credit limit.Consumers argued these charges were well beyond the cost of sending a computerised letter.Damages that are sufficiently uncertain may be referred to as unliquidated damages, and may be so categorized because they are not mathematically calculable or are subject to a contingency which makes the amount of damages uncertain.

In 2007 the Office of Fair Trading investigated the charges being imposed on customers of credit card companies.In its report, the OFT claimed these charges were unlawful under UK law as they amounted to a penalty.If Neal breaches the contract by refusing to lease the store-front at the appointed time, it will be difficult to determine what profits Richard will have lost because the success of newly created small businesses is highly uncertain.This, therefore, would be an appropriate circumstance for Richard to insist upon a liquidated damages clause in case Neal fails to perform.One reason for this is that the enforcement of the term would, in effect, require an equitable order of specific performance.

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However, courts sitting in equity will seek to achieve a fair result and will not enforce a term that will lead to the unjust enrichment of the enforcing party.

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