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Basic Aspects of Distribution Agreements under National Law and Court Practice.

A January article in Boing Boing talked about loose-leaf publications, marveling about their existence in the same way that the average marine biologist once marveled about the continuing existence of the coelacanth.

For each country, the Encyclopedia defines the concepts of agency and distribution and identifies and analyses the basic aspects of agency and distribution agreements.

The detailed systematic and comparative analyzes facilitate ease of reference and comparison.

This authoritative reference work examines the laws, procedures, and practice relating to commercial agency and distribution agreements in 57 national jurisdictions worldwide.

Having created a sold-out first edition, the editor has responded to popular demand with this new, looseleaf edition which provides both updates on countries covered in the first edition and materials on countries not previously covered.

Legal loose-leaf publishing has been around at least since 1915.

These early loose-leaf services allowed legal publishers to produce up-to-date consolidations of legislation without having to reprint an entire book every time changes were made to the legislation.

The looseleaf format permits quick and easy updating and the addition of new jurisdictions.

The tabbed country-by-country analysis and detailed tables of contents also enhance the accessibility of this work. Its currency and accessibility make the Encyclopedia essential reading for all those involved in the practice of agency and distribution agreements in an international context.

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