Madden09 for playstation3 updating rosters

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Madden09 for playstation3 updating rosters

You'd think they waited to release the game to make sure rosters are somewhat correct, but they are not.

Notable people missing (Vince Young, most draft picks for Eagles).

As you can tell I am an Eagles fan, and they are missing many players for them and I'm sure for other teams.

I spent the first 2 hours just updating as many rosters as I could think of-barely made a dent overall. By far the worst commentating of all Madden games (I've been playing since 01 version).

Also, there is a bit of a 1-second freeze between plays. I agree with others on here that the effort EA put into this wasn't 100%. But for the price of a used copy, it's worth getting this for occasional gamers like me who feel no need to get a PS3 or PS4. It is very similar to Madden 10 (I bought 11 for WII, did not enjoy).

The good:very smooth game play (upgrade to madden 10)some minor additions to the game The bad: The rosters are ridiculously wrong.

Collinsworth has almost the exact same lines from Madden 10, and his commentating sucks overall-but the other guy's is even worse.

I decided to use my old PS2 for more than a DVD player recently so dug up an old Madden 04 or so.

Having fun with that, I looked to see how far along this series went and see it ended with 12, so purchased that used for about plus shipping online.

The plus: The graphics are about as good as it gets on PS2 and many if not most of these players are still in the league as of this writing (2014), or at least they are in my recent memory.

The minuses: Madden as color commentator has been replaced by Chris Collinsworth and there aren't nearly as many quips, insights and interesting asides, the music seems more annoying (though, music in general, was better 10 years ago), and the kicking is different.

I'd like to see some other NFL games emerge and make the Madden producers try again- even minor upgrades would be awesome.

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Get other guys to comment, and make them say more than 5 or 6 phrases.

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