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Married dating in askov minnesota

Blom fled into the woods, and later changed his appearance by dying his hair.

He was arrested two months later, when one of the girls recognized him. During an examination in 1992, a psychologist predicted that if Blom were not closely monitored, he would probably engage in additional antisocial behavior.

The same year, he also threatened two teenage girls at knifepoint in a remote area.

He tied them to a tree, and put socks in their mouths.

He choked and revived one of them several times, and said he was going to rape them.

The girls were rescued when a police officer saw their car parked the wrong way, and came by.

He locked her up in his car trunk, but she managed to escape and turned him in. Three years later, in 1978, he committed aggravated assault.

In 1975, Blom kidnapped a 14-year-old girl, gagged her and raped her.

On May 26, 1999, 19-year-old Katie Elizabeth Poirier went missing from the D.

However Blom managed to change his name, get a job, and get married.

By May 1999, he had six felony convictions, five of which involved kidnapping and sexual assault.

Donald Blom's father abused him from the time he was very young until he was around 13 years old.

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By the time he reached adolescence, Blom was a heavy drinker and exhibited behavioral problems.

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