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Marvin orange dating psycho

I will not change my mind and take this site down due to lack of participation, or for any other reason. Contact me through the community pages and maybe we can dedicate a full page to your work. A., how many will pick up a one-year sobriety medallion a year later? And how many will get their 2-year, and 5-year, and 10-year coins? And yeah, cats would definitely be a problem with goslings that little.This is a team effort folks — I've set up some of the basics, now I need your help to make this work. Gunthar2000 * [email protected]* * AA and Recovery Cult Debunking * * * ** "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil ** is for good men to do nothing." ** == Edmund Burke (1729—1797) Date: Thu, October 27, 2011 pm (answered 31 October 2011) From: "Natalie" Subject: Your anti AA site Wow... I have a pair of cats myself, and while I love the little bastards, I know full well they like their bird meat (well, the older one does; I've never seen the younger one catch anything with a backbone).I remember finding your site years ago when I was (at 18 years sober) pulling away from AA....from plain old growing out of it. I just feel sad now that after all these're still so unhealed around this and maintaining this site. Staying that upset at something for so long doesnt feel healthy. I notice that you did not supply a single fact to contradict my facts. My family used to have chickens and turkeys, and we had to keep my older cat far away from them when they were chicks.I hope you find peace and forgiveness with everything and everyone. You just complained that you don't like what I'm saying. And come up with some accurate, documented, facts to fill it. She stayed away on her own once they were bigger than her, though. Just another bureaucrat who didn't know what she was doing, and was too arrogant to ask, and too inconsiderate to care.Continuing to oppose evil and criticize wrong things does not mean that someone has not "healed". Only problem is, I'm not one of those poor millionaires, so I can't afford them. We're a middle-class family that no longer has the income to consider ourselves middle-class.Especially my dad, who can't really live on his own income (he often has to borrow money) while living in a one-bedroom apartment in a poor neighborhood.This is a free website and so no money will EVER be made off of this venture. Then you could put the frosting on the cake by telling everybody about Bill Wilson's insanity and sexual exploitation of newcomer women and financial dishonesty. And don't forget to tell just where you get your facts. == Orange * [email protected]* * AA and Recovery Cult Debunking * * * ** Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

Our common goal is freedom from all addictive substances rather than moderation or switching vices.

He's poor enough that I qualified for the Pell Grant under his income. We got foreclosed on, because Bank of America wouldn't adjust my parents' mortgage. As for military wages, heaven forbid Congress invests much money in cannon fodder and actually start seeing the cannon fodder as living, breathing human beings. Save that money for the shinier, fancy high-tech toys that don't have needs.

I hope the same for myself and am working on that...I suck at it...I want to forgive and I'm happy to inform you that I am healed quite well, thank you for your concern. == Orange * [email protected]* * AA and Recovery Cult Debunking * * * ** If you've sold your soul to the devil, in effect, it's ** profoundly human to talk yourself into believing that ** what you got in exchange was worth the price. And I may start a Facebook PAGE to let everyone know this is the case. Just interested in enforcing the rules ("pets"), and in pleasing the complainers next door whom she then evicted. Didn't I hear something about that in history class?

I have 11 years of sobriety now, and I'm doing just fine. ** == The Archdruid Report ** Date: Fri, October 28, 2011 pm (answered 31 October 2011) From: "Buzz Man" Subject: Your site is the biggest load of CRAP I have ever seen online. *ducks and covers* Honestly, I would love to buy all of these whiny rich people one-way tickets to Somalia.

Sobriety is a choice, and the best recovery plans are developed focusing on an individuals needs. This new site has a community forum that allows you to send private messages, make friends, and all kinds of other goodies.

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The forums will be moderated by myself, as well as others from the ST community who are willing to volunteer. rates of binge drinking, and arrests, and divorce, and suicide.