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And as with most things, everyone’s level of materialism differs. When it comes to materialism, however, research shows that men are significantly more materialistic than their female counterparts (to which evolutionary psychologist would answer: it's because they have to generate sufficient wealth to attract women! The fact that personality, especially the biologically-based trait of Neuroticism, affects materialism, suggests that materialism may have a genetic or hereditary basis, but are some just destined to become more materialistic? Think of the stereotypical “rich kids” and you will find mostly spoiled brats but sometimes the differences between siblings, even identical twins, can be remarkable.

Indeed, there is plenty of research to suggest that a materialistic disposition has a negative effect on personal well-being in general.This can be manifested as lower levels of satisfaction with work, with materialistic individuals seemingly less satisfied with their jobs.But correlations are generally weak and there are many unexplained aspects of materialism, even when you factor in more than personality variables. Take part in this very short (7 minute) survey and get instant feedback on your materialism score!In my books, eg, Who am I, I point out that animals show clear dominant traits.Some research has also suggested that this leads to strife with the family, as they’re seen to get in the way of their precious work time, which is the number one way for them to acquire the means to get their hands on those material possessions - ironically, often with the means of providing for the family.

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Recent research suggests that many of the associations between personality and materialism are dependent on people's level of job and life control, or what, in broader terms, we could refer to as self-efficacy.