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The mean ceramic dating technique devised by South (1977) has also been useful in dating sites of this period.

Unfortunately the chronology of nineteenth and twentieth century ceramics is not well understood.

These date ranges are generally the broadest span given by the various authors although the end dates for plain and molded whiteware and white pasted stoneware have been extended to 1950.

It was a requirement of this Act that all such imports carried the name of the country of manufacture.

CHRONOLOGY Ceramics Ceramics are probably the most frequently used type of artifact for dating purposes within historical archaeology.The chronology of seventeenth and eighteenth century ceramics has been well documented (see Noel Hume 1970).With the increasing use of ceramic marks in the 19th century, a large proportion of English pottery and porcelain can be accurately identified and often dated.'England':- Inclusion of the word 'England' in marks denotes a date after 1891, although some manufacturers (Thomas Elsmore & Sons for example) added the word slightly before this date. It was William Mc Kinley (the 25th president of the USA) who introduced the highly protectionist Mc Kinley Tariff Act of 1890 - this imposed tariffs on many imports (including pottery) in order to make it easier for the American manufacturers to sell their products.Recently, however, Price (1979), Lofstrom (1976), and Lofstrom, Tordoff, and George (1982) have attempted to put these ceramics into a more precise chronology.

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None of these authors, however, have dealt with materials dating from the very late nineteenth or early twentieth century.

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