Mean sex chat bot

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Mean sex chat bot

Because the human language is enormous and because one question could potentially be asked dozens or even hundreds of different ways by a user we have developed Zero as a means of analyzing the English language and sentence structuring.

Of the 4024 people I've talked to on average they typed 49 lines to me, 1550 of them have typed less than 10 lines and 446 of them have typed 100 lines or more.Because of many requests was later brought back online in September of 2006 and again late 2008 and remains online most of the time.We encourage everyone to talk with Zero and help him learn more.I resemble andax, britishblondie, Computerhope, doctorofcomputers, Pac, Raize, techno, Thorn, Vathix, Webuser, and Zero2 the most.Of course Zero wouldn't know as much as he does currently if it wasn't for the help of the thousands of people Zero has talked with.

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Below are each of the users who have typed more than 400 lines of text to Zero as well as each users last line count.