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Does the Post plan to produce a bound, hard-cover version of the various pieces that were written on that subject matter (from the past few months)? _______________________ New Carrollton, Md.: WILL WE EVER LEARN? Why do we uplift the negative, and try to quiet the positive? _______________________ New Carrollton, Md.: Keep Up the Good Work We, as blacks, tend to forget we have to work just that much harder than our counterparts. It seems like to me, in white corporate America, the black females are promoted much more than the black males, and the black males are left behind, rarely promoted.

It would serve as a wonderful, keepsake publication. There have been many requests for reprints and suggestions that we do a book. It seems as though each generations gets worse, not better. Michael Baisden, a radio personality on WHUR tackles alot of issues that our people, churches, and communities tend to shy away from. Baisden is not afraid to tell the truth, and he doesn't preach nor teach hate and separation. I'm sure if a study were done on this, you would find it to be true, and most black females don't waste any time rubbing it in your face.

8 to discuss the issues explored and raised by the project as well as his Dec. ," which follows an ex-con as he tries to figure out how to recreate his life and resist the lure of the streets. " The transcript follows: ____________________ Downtown Washington, D.

C.: Thank you for producing an objective and balanced exploration into being a Black Man in Washington, DC. Robinson Kevin Merida: I, too, think Michael Baisden is a provocative, engaging talk radio host.

If we teach our children that it is okay to mistreat and disrespect others who are different, than we are teaching hate, and that's not right.

Michael Baisden is like the male Oparah of the radio. Our children and loved ones are dying out here, and hardly anyone wants to do anything about it or talk about it.

If we stand together as a people, we will overcome, we will win. I say again, stop the disrespecting others, stop the hate, stop the killing of each other physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, stop killing each one another. There use to be a time when it was well known that black children were the best behave and well mannered. We need to start raising our kids, men need to be fathers, and stop being selfish and thinking about yourself all the time, especially when there are children involved.

"Being a Black Man," a series launched on June 2, 2006 by The Washington Post and washingtonpost.com, explored what it means to be a black man in today's society through stories and other multimedia.

Washington Post associate editor Kevin Merida was online at noon ET on Monday, Jan.

What was the Million Mman March for if we are not going to work hard and together to change things?

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