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Military corrosive ammunition dating

Studies also have determined that sediments in the waste treatment ponds contain elevated levels of zinc.Overflows from the ponds have dumped into the Stanislaus River, and the river has occasionally overflowed into the ponds during periods of flooding.

Soils in the landfill are contaminated with chromium and arsenic.

Sediments in the industrial waste treatment ponds contain zinc and petroleum.

Potential human health threats include drinking contaminated groundwater and showering or bathing with the water, and accidentally coming into contact with or ingesting contaminated soils from the landfill or sediments from the ponds.

Potential ecological threats include exposure of local land-dwelling and migratory species to contaminated soils from the landfill and to sediments from the ponds.

Approximately 13,700 people obtain drinking water from public and private wells within 3 miles of the site, and at least 3,500 acres of nut and fruit orchards are irrigated partially by groundwater.

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The Stanislaus River is used for irrigation and recreational activities.

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