Mobile sex chat bangalore

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Mobile sex chat bangalore

He checked her phone but found nothing in her message inbox or other folders.He then used an App to retrieve her deleted messages and pictures.

Of the more than 5,000 divorce cases filed last year, at least 3,000 are related to technology.

The grounds of divorce varies from illicit messages or calls or chats or Facebook posts on smartphones getting tracked by either of the spouses to using GPS to track down a partner with a lover to an extreme case where the wife chats on Whats App during sex.

Some even use Apps to retrieve deleted messages or photos to prove their partners are cheating on them.

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers saying they have seen a rise in the number of divorce cases because of social networking sites.

A 2011 UK survey by Divorce Online, a legal services firm, says more than a third of divorce cases contain the word Facebook.

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