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Mom on webcam prive

Every time we go under the knife we get closer to looking like Katie." And mum Georgina has said in the past that she is happy for her daughter to strip to pay for their surgeries: "Thanks to Kayla, we’re living the dream.I’m really proud of her." It is not just the mums who think they are hotter - the dads are at it too.Read more: ‘I’m happy for my daughter to strip to pay for my surgery’ Lisa and her 22-year-old daughter make a hot duo who love partying hard.The problem is that Georgina is now addicted and all of this costs money - and it is Kayla who has to fund their shocking body transformations by being a webcam girl.Kayla told The Sun newspaper last August: "My mum is my best friend and plastic surgery is our way of bonding.It’s a battle of the brawn between bodybuilding 45-year-old dad Paul and his 18-year-old son Kyle.Read more: Inside the extraordinary and competitive world of Tiny Tots Talent Agency and their pushy parents Dad is always trying to muscle in on the action, whether it’s body-building or out on the pull at the club.

Katie Price wannabes Kayla Morris and Georgina Clarke are back for a new Channel 5 documentary.

After admitting earlier this year that they had splashed a massive £56,000 between them in a bid to look like their idol they are now competing against each other.

Not content with transforming herself into the image of her plastic idol Barbie, complete with massive boobs and even bigger lips, 21-year-old Kayla introduced her mum to the joys of looking fake.

Read more: Mother and daughter spend more than £56,000 to look like Katie Price Former frumpy mum Georgina, 39, has taken to her updated look like a duck to water, with Botox, lip fillers, hair extensions and a sexy new wardrobe.

Parents should ideally be encouraging their children to be confident and comfortable with how they look, but instead this new documentary looks at those who are in competition with their own offspring.

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Channel 5 have commissioned a special one-off programme called My Mum's Hotter Than Me, exploring some of Britain's most bizarre parent-child relationships and those parents who will do anything to look hotter than their kids, no matter what it takes.

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