Moral issue dating cousin

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He would go every so often to see this girl he liked at the time and when she wasn't there, he and I would chat, uneasily at first but quickly gaining more confidence in each other.

I got into my first serious relationship and when I broke up with my boyfriend, I turned to my cousin for advice and such and we started talking even more.

I've tried unsuccessfully to break up with him countless times but his patiences perseveres and I always end up with him again.

In Christmas of 2008 ,we had intimate relations for the first time and two months ago ,we finally went all the way.

I was confused for like two seconds but then I kissed him back.Since day one I knew our relationship was not meant to be and told him so, but he always replies the same thing -that he knows it but he can't help but love me.He also got into a really serious relationship with a younger girl and they were going to elope but her personality and his started to clash and eventually they broke up.He was very upset and by this point I already had strong feelings toward him so I was there to help him like he helped me cope.Now I know I will love him forever and cannot get him out of my mind but I'm scared of my family.

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My dad has always suspected and he doesn't approve of him and me even hanging out together.

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